I am a 37 year old guy living near Toronto, Ontario. Since before I can remember I have been fascinated with nature. I have always wanted to know what was under every rock. When I see images of nature on series like “Life” and in publications like national geographic etc, I have always wished I could be the one out there capturing those shots. Well I might not be in a helicopter filming hunting dogs from 2km away with million dollar equipment or surviving in the arctic for months to get that one shot of some elusive animal any time soon (although I would do it in a heartbeat), I have finally bought a camera and am very excited to not only discover nature, but capture the moment for others to see.

Whenever I have the time I will be sticking my face into trees, bushes, flowers and fields trying to get pictures of the crazy world going on in there. I will share some of my favorites here. Please enjoy! Constructive criticism and comments are encouraged, I will soak them up like a sponge! I want to learn!

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  1. Hi Jay:), just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog with your โ€œLikesโ€ and โ€œFollowโ€, it`s appreciated and inspiring! I look forward to continue following your blog, I have enjoyed what I`ve seen so far, great pics and good words, macro is one of my favourites as well! Have a fabolous day:)

  2. Thanks very much for following my blog.

    I like what you’re doing here; you seem to have a very good eye and I’m particularly impressed that someone so new to photography (based on your profile write-up) seems to have such a keen sense of the importance of perspective and its role in “making” the shot.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks kerryl29 for the comments! I got a fine arts diploma years ago, but do remember some basics…I’m very much looking forward to photography! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a praying mantis as I’d love to shoot one of those! Hopefully one day I can share one.

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