HDR question???

I’ve been reading about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, and it looks like a TON of fun!

I went through some tutorials and finally went into photoshop to follow them….problem…my photoshop is old (version 5.5) and it does not support HDR as an option like the tutorials explain as far as I can tell….

Does anyone have any tips, advise?  Do I need to purchase a newer version of photoshop, or specific hdr software like lightroom or photomatix or something?  I really want to get into this..

any tips appreciated!


7 thoughts on “HDR question???

  1. I use Photomatix – but the price has gone up! I tried the Photoshop HDR but found it difficult to use. As Rachael says, you can do it manually and get some really good results. One thing to think about is what kind of HDR do you like? …. the really ‘super real’ look or more subtle natural approach …. Personally I like them both – but only in their place. It’s too easy to be seduced by the impact of HDR and try to make something out of nothing with it – you still need a good picture to start with..

  2. Hi. I use Photoshop CS4 and it does have an HDR facility. However, there is nothing to stop you doing it the (relatively) old fashioned way and blend images using layers. This is my preferred method as I like the feeling of control and it seems more creative than relying on software. Just take bracketed exposures, as many as you like, and using layer masks you can choose which bits from each exposure you wish to include, thus getting detail throughout. It is slow, but can yield good results. For me, the main thing is to use the method to enhance a well taken image rather than to hide a poor one or to show off editing skills.

  3. Hi there!

    I’ve started out in HDR photography recently and something that had always stopped me was buying the software…
    Photomatix probably have the best software out there but it costs 120 $ or so. If you want to try out HDR totally for free check out “Luminance HDR”. It isn’t 100% user friendly but an excellent solution to decide if you really want to get in to HDR photography and are willing to buy the additional software.

    good luck 😉

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