I was messing around just trying to get a cool image even though I know the sides are completely overexposed beyond repair….I tried multiplying layers and then stripping pieces away but any practical advise for fixing major overexposure like the street on the left?


6 thoughts on “Canopy

  1. hi,
    when trying to shoot for this scenario, based on my experience, try to meter the road area first, then, also your subject (trees, in this case). Since, the background is too bright, you can adjust the exposure by 1 stop (underexpose), or depending on how you view it.

    have you tried reducing/adjusting the highlights of your photo? If not, maybe you should try.
    I learned by experience, that it’s much better to underexpose than to overexpose, since it will lose all the details.


    • Thanks for the comment! I will be going back there to get a properly exposed photo and get something nicer….also looking forward to that canopy in the fall!!

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