Cool guy for a beetle

Cool guy for a beetle

I really liked this guy


9 thoughts on “Cool guy for a beetle

  1. As others have said, this is a really wonderful shot. It looks like you and are are following parallel paths as we delve into photography more deeply (and the subtitles of our blogs are amazingly similar). Best of luck as you keep shooting (and I am becoming increasingly convinced that luck plays a huge role in getting some great shots).

  2. What you did here is amazing if you used the stock lens you mentioned for your Nikkon. How did you capture the sheen on the beatles back? Did you play with angles using natural light or use an exterior light source? Great job. You say you are new to photography…. How long have you been “dabbling” for?

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for your comment! You are my first one! I got my camera a week ago, so I guess you could say a week. This was natural light, and yes I played with angles and exposures as well as white balances….the sheen was just pure luck. I took about 20 shots of him and most of them didn’t have it. The light was high and I was willing to sit there at 1/10000 just waiting for him to open his wings but my camera died 😦

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