New to photography

My first camera is a Nikon 1 J1 and I am most interested in macro….well maybe not macro necessarily, but certainly getting in close with some of the smaller creatures and wonders of nature.  For the moment, I don’t have a budget for any more equipment, so I have to do without a macro/ micro lens and any kind of speed light set up.  Any close ups I publish for now are with the 10-30mm it came with.  I’m getting as close as I can and cropping it down later.

(UPDATE I do finally have a 40mm Nikkor AF-S Macro/Micro and look forward to playing with it!)

I am still brand new, so for now I am just playing with different exposures and switching the white balancing around to see what I like.  Any tips, tricks, suggestions, stories, comments are more than welcomed!

If anyone would like to use any of the images here for any reason, I would appreciate a request first. I would also greatly appreciate a link to this site from the photo. I would be thrilled to see one of my photos in print, please contact me!

All images here are copyright© jasonjonwilson


2 thoughts on “New to photography

  1. I think you are doing it right. The equipment will come in time. I firmly believe that successful photography is about 80% composition. Learn to compose imaginatively to communicate with the viewer and you will succeed whatever photographic equipment you use. Looking at your blog, I have little doubt you will succeed. The best camera is always the one you have with you.

    • Thanks Rachael…I really appreciate the comments…I’m away in the middle of nowhere on an island all this weekend very much looking forward to bringing the camera 🙂

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